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Commercial Drainage Maintenance Bolton

S&C Drain Services ltd offers a full range of commercial drainage maintenance and emergency services for your business. Blocked commercial drains is a nuisance but at worst it could cause the shut down of a production line, business premises or pose a very serious health hazard. We are renowned for our reliable, efficient, safe and professional drainage services workforce who perform to the highest standard and are equipped with the latest equipment and technologies to solve your commercial drainage

Unlike our competitors, we do not have any hidden charges or try and sell you any other services. One of our friendly engineers will call and un-block and repair your drains.


Planned preventative maintenance


A leak or flood in your commercial property could happen at any time, including periods when no one's around to raise the alarm. The longer these problems persist, the harder it is to recover without facing significant damage to your property and the associated spiralling costs as a result.

Thankfully, if the worst happens, we're here to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But really, the best way to deal with a leak or flood is to prevent it from happening in the first We can help you do this in many ways, such as:

Installing anti-flood valves to prevent flooding from backed up sewage water
Jetting your drains to keep them clean and clear of blockages
Commercial pest control to prevent pests from taking hold