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Blocked Drainage Services Bolton

Drain Lining-No Dig Technology


Commercial and domestic property owners may find drainage problems a pain to deal with, yet, left unresolved, those problems could result in leaks, flooding, environmental contamination and structural damage.

Traditional repair involves digging up large sections of pipework, which may cause considerable disruption for a business. That is why, here at S&C Drain Services we use advanced 'no-dig' techniques as our default method for the repair and renovation of drains. No dig, also known as drain relining, lets us fix cracked or damaged pipes without having to break ground. It also addresses the immediate problem whilst reducing future maintenance in a way that's both cost-effective and convenient.

As one of the leading providers of no-dig relining services, you can rely on us to apply the very latest technology and most sophisticated equipment to get your drains back in optimal working order with minimal fuss.

How it Works

The relining process involves bonding a drain lining to the inner surface of the damaged pipe, creating a new pipe inside the old one. This works in vertical or horizontal pipes and can be applied to pipes as small as 100mm-diameter or as large as a 1,500mm-diameter culvert.