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Blocked Drainage Services Bolton

Sonar Drain Tracing


Sonar Drain Tracing

Everybody knows that a blocked drain can cause a great deal of trouble. At S&C Drain Services we are frequently able to respond quickly to a blockage before disruption becomes economically significant. Our skilled and accredited staff can perform the necessary investigative work efficiently and take appropriate action fast.

This is possible because we use the best tools available and the most cost-effective method. Analysing the specific situation is rarely an issue for us due to our mastery of such techniques as sonar drain tracing.

What is sonar drain tracing?

It may be helpful to briefly explore what the process of sonar drain tracing consists of. Electrical pulses are transmitted by specialist equipment, which allow us to discover what is going on underground. Various features of drain networks can be identified by this method, including the likes of concealed manholes and collapsed pipes.

When is the technique most required?

Obviously, sonar drain tracing, which can be used in conjunction with CCTV Cameras is employed when we are engaged in diagnostic activity. Not only does it make the next stage of our operation easier, but it also assists us to manage our costs and keep our prices unbeatable. By using highly accurate equipment, we can get a very thorough view of what is going on below the ground. The approach is particularly useful in delicate situations where a clumsy move could cause further problems.