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Blocked Drains Bolton

Blocked Drains Bolton

S&C Drain Services is a specialised contractor undertaking all aspects of drain repairs, drain unblocking, drain mapping drainage investigation, drain tracing, CCTV drain survey and home buyer surveys we are Based near Manchester, we are ideally located to provide professional, nationwide coverage for our clients.

Here at S&C Drain Services Ltd our drainage specialists offer a 24 hour service to customers all over Manchester and cheshire ensuring that homes and businesses are safe from drainage problems. Whether you're in need of drain clearance or a drain repair. our drain experts are on call no matter the time of day or night to resolve your issue quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standard.

Our team comprise of one fully equipped and extremely skilled Engineer who employ a range of advanced drainage techniques such as CCTV Drain Surveys, investigation and rehabilitation to ensure problems are solved and solutions are implemented quickly.

Our drainage employee has completed the relevant training and as a result, will always prioritise safety, skilled and quality when working on a job. Our drain maintenance and drain cleaning services are available to private clients. Our specialists are covered for work and equipped to carry out jobs in private drains.

S&C Drain Services ltd is a contractor undertaking all aspects of drainage, For all private clients and business and industrial clients, We also do all insurance work that is needed.

High Pressure Drain Jetting


High pressure water jetting is the preferred drain clearance process and has been found to provide better longevity for maintain flow due to process efficiency. What is High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)? HPW Jetting is the process of using water propelled at…

Root Removal


Drainage problems are often difficult to spot and can easily grow into a larger issue. Tree roots in drains is a common drainage issue that people are usually unaware of. Root ingress in drains can become a serious matter if…

CCTV Inspections


One of the difficulties of keeping domestic drains in good working condition is the fact that they are hidden away. That means it’s hard to spot potential issues until they have developed into serious problems. Thanks to advanced CCTV technology, this…

Drain Lining-No Dig Technology


Commercial and domestic property owners may find drainage problems a pain to deal with, yet, left unresolved, those problems could result in leaks, flooding, environmental contamination and structural damage. Traditional repair involves digging up large sections of pipework, which may cause…



Excavation is sometimes the only way of repairing a seriously damaged drain. At S&C Drain Services Ltd we offer at top quality excavation & repair services. Our highly skilled an qualified team of professionals are ready to respond to your…

Sonar Drain Tracing


Sonar Drain Tracing Everybody knows that a blocked drain can cause a great deal of trouble. At S&C Drain Services we are frequently able to respond quickly to a blockage before disruption becomes economically significant. Our skilled and accredited staff can…

Drain Mapping


If you’re in need of a drain survey, you can rely on us. Our team here at S&C Drain Services have a great deal of practical experience when it comes to mapping drains, including creating schematic plans, survey sheets and…

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