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Drain Unblocking In Manchester

Drain Repairs Manchester

In the event of any drain problems, we at S&C Drain Services offer a range of services to fix the issue. From our base in Bolton, Manchester locals can count on us for a full range of domestic and commercial maintenance work. As well as 24-hour emergency services for when the unexpected happens. Read on to find out in more detail about our services.

Drain Unblocking Manchester

By using a water system daily, the system can easily become blocked, causing flooding or poor water flow. You may try your best to unblock, but sometimes it may be more complicated. That is where we are here to help, offering professional drain unblocking Manchester services. We can determine the cause of the blockage and offer recommendations for resolving or repairing it. In order to locate the blockage, we have methods that do not require excavation, ensuring the least amount of disruption and damage.

As well as general assistance, we also have a team dedicated to providing emergency drain unblocking for Manchester locals. We are ready to help you with any emergency, including a burst pipe or a clogged sink.

High Pressure Drain Jetting Manchester

A popular option for clearance is high-pressure water jetting. The process involves blasting water through the pipes at a high speed. This application is particularly efficient in clearing water pipes since the impact of high-pressure water on a blockage is to soften or emulsify it, permitting water to flow again thanks to the water used in the jetting process.

CCTV Drain Surveys Manchester

Our CCTV drain surveys Manchester team are skilled in delivering the most suitable CCTV survey for your water system. With the use of high-tech waterproof cameras, we can inspect the interior of a water pipe system to seek out the source of the problem. As well as being valuable not only in the event of a blockage, the survey can also be used to anticipate future problems and possible repairs.

We also provide drain mapping, an essential service in the planning of a building project to allow the work to begin.

Repairs with S&C

We offer a range of repair services aimed at resolving any issue quickly and efficiently. Whenever you are experiencing water flow problems or if you would like an assessment of the condition of your water system, including maintenance work that may be required in the future, you can contact us anytime. Our drain repairs Manchester team are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We are flexible and strive to meet your scheduling needs.

Root Ingress

Tree roots are often attracted to condensation on pipes and can cause them damage over time. The removal of all types of roots is necessary as soon as possible to minimise damage caused by root infiltration. Our engineers are equipped to handle the problem.

Pipe Relining & Patch Repairs

An easy way to fix pipe damage is through pipe relining and patch repairs. It is a simple process and can restore old pipes to full working order. In addition to fixing cracks and faults, pipe relining and patch repairs, also known as No Dig Technology, can last for many years.


If you would like to learn more about our range of services. Our team of experts can be contacted using our contact form or by e-mail at Call us on 07949949406 for our emergency service 24 hours a day.