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Drain Unblocking In Rochdale

Here at S&C Drain Services, we are drainage experts with over 10 years in the industry. From our base in Bolton, we offer a full range of services. Our range of services covers commercial and domestic maintenance and repairs, and we strive to provide 24-hour professional assistance in the local areas, including Rochdale. Read on to learn more about what we offer.

CCTV Surveys

Our CCTV drain surveys Rochdale utilise high-tech, waterproof cameras that we can navigate through the water pipes to get a live feed of the interior. This survey offers a complete inspection and thorough report on the condition of the water pipes in a property. It is a great way to identify any blockages or damage without excavation and to gain knowledge of any prospective repairs or probable future problems.

Along with CCTV inspections, we can also perform sonar drain tracing for Rochdale clients. This involves transmitting electrical pulses with the use of specialist equipment. This method can allow our engineers to get the full picture of what is happening underground. It can reveal anything that is concealed and identify collapsed pipes.
Our service can also provide drainage mapping, delivering essential knowledge through creating schematic plans, survey sheets and analysing CCTV survey footage. And is useful when planning a building project to enable work to begin.


Our repairs services aim to resolve any problem in the most efficient way possible. We can install patch repairs and linings in the pipes that not only fix any cracks or faults but can last for years. Another common problem is root ingress. Tree roots are attracted to condensation on pipes and, over time, can damage them. Root ingress needs to be addressed immediately to reduce damage. Our engineers are trained to deliver effective drain root removal Rochdale services on all forms of roots to tackle the problem.


Despite the best efforts to maintain your water system, it can become blocked through standard daily use. Through our unblocking services, our engineers will assess the site using the best technique for unblocking. A highly effective clearance process that we use is high-pressure water jetting. Our high-pressure drain jetting Rochdale services can clear any system, swiftly restoring water flow. And to help maintain good water flow we provide domestic and commercial drain cleaning in Rochdale.

24- Hour Emergency Services

When you experience an emergency, our friendly team is ready to resolve anything from a burst main to a blocked sink. We offer emergency drain unblocking to Rochdale businesses and households. You can expect immediate support with our 24-hour help. We have professional engineers ready to diagnose domestic and commercial properties and offer a range of solutions.

For us, excavation is always the last resort, however, sometimes it is unavoidable. Our drain excavations Rochdale services can install new pipelines and repairs for modern and old properties with the aim of minimal disruption to you and the neighbouring properties.

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